850 or Bust, Hoping to Raise My Credit Score Part II

In this new global environment we want to go from 0 to 100 in just a few moments. We want to go from poor to rich overnight, from having 1 Instagram follower to having 1000 overnight. We want to go from a string of terrible relationships to a perfect one overnight. Let's step away from what we want and step into reality. Reality is that sense of being that causes us to become introspective while not blaming others. I know, we don't like to look into the mirror. We don't want to say, I'm in $300,000 of debt and I don't even know what I did with the money.  First things first, what you didn't know yesterday, you can learn today. When you learn about living a different life, you can implement the new knowledge and understanding that you have so that you can move ahead.  Before we get into credit, I'll give you the credit precursor. What beliefs do you have about money and credit that cause you to be in the current position that you're in? W

850 or Bust, Hoping to Raise My Credit Score

It doesn't happen overnight!!! In speaking with people over the years, many were convinced that most things in their lives could be fixed or done via the microwave process. When I was a young girl, I recall my grandmother rewarming leftovers via a pot atop the stove or in a pan inside of the oven. Of course my children, 24 and 18 know absolutely nothing about that. Technologies introduced in the past 25 years has affected all of us in different ways and on multiple levels. When I first learned of credit and decided to look into it when I was about 18, I saw my below average score of 500 or so and thought, "Wow! How do I increase my score? Will my score always be like this? Neither of my parents shared anything with me about money, credit, spending, the value of my consumerism or anything like either of those. Weekly, I will be sharing with you about credit and how to begin to repair your credit. It will take time. I will teach you about credit vocabulary and share some