850 or Bust, Hoping to Raise My Credit Score

It doesn't happen overnight!!!

In speaking with people over the years, many were convinced that most things in their lives could be fixed or done via the microwave process. When I was a young girl, I recall my grandmother rewarming leftovers via a pot atop the stove or in a pan inside of the oven. Of course my children, 24 and 18 know absolutely nothing about that. Technologies introduced in the past 25 years has affected all of us in different ways and on multiple levels.

When I first learned of credit and decided to look into it when I was about 18, I saw my below average score of 500 or so and thought, "Wow! How do I increase my score? Will my score always be like this? Neither of my parents shared anything with me about money, credit, spending, the value of my consumerism or anything like either of those.

Weekly, I will be sharing with you about credit and how to begin to repair your credit. It will take time. I will teach you about credit vocabulary and share some wonderful authors who have written books about money, finance and credit that will benefit you.

Refuse to believe anyone who says they can have your credit fixed in a week or a month. Certainly each credit profile is different and should be handled as an independent case. You will also learn about talking to your children about money. I will answer plenty of your questions and hopefully you will begin to understand, not just how to grow your credit but what beneficial things you should use credit for and what it shouldn't be used for.

One thing you need to know this week is that when you request a copy of your credit report it doesn't show up on your report as an inquiry nor does it bring down your score.
Regarding credit scores and reports, the term inquiry refers to when you apply for credit or someone wants to consider offering you credit and they make an inquiry about your credit history which shows up on your report as an inquiry.
In each blog, I will include some links within the blog that can be quite helpful to you on your journey to become a better and more informed citizen. Please click on the links to find out what's in store for you.


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